3 Tips to Survive Homework with Your Child

Homework Tips

What’s the answer to getting our kids excited, or at least willing to do homework? The short answer is that there is no short answer. But, I do have a few tips that might ease the load for the parents and kids.

Today was Nikolai’s Parent-Teacher conference. All-in-all, it went pretty well. We got the generic feedback, such as he fidgets, his answers lack detail, he’s got a lazy-streak — all status quo stuff expected from a nine-year-old boy and nothing we haven’t already noticed.

Since Nikolai is in the advanced program at school, his homework is heavier and slightly more difficult for his grade-level, but he is totally capable. Even so, it’s still a battle to complete sentences and end sentences with the appropriate features…and keep him interested. So, just how do we win the homework battle…?

Truth be told, as the stepmom, I’m a little more strict when it comes to the effort and the completion of homework (isn’t that the opposite of what’s expected?). I write and communicate for a living. It’s in my blood and I can’t help to request that sentences be legible. Can ya feel me?

BUT, I know mommas and stepmommas around the globe struggle with this problem on a daily basis. Your babe is tired, hungry, had a bad day – the list goes on! Here’s your virtual glass of vino, (step)mommas around the world! Right there with ya!

Homework Help for Your Child

Here are a few short tips to help you heave yourself and your kid on the other side of that homework wall.

  1. Lower the bar. Not the bar of expectations, but the noise level. I’ve found no matter how frustrated I become, if I lower my volume and intensity, things tend to run a lot smoother.
  2. Ask more questions. This is actually the last thing you or your child want to do, but it does work. Ask your child why he feels an answer is just – even if it is wrong. This usually leads the child to realize his own mistake and helps the thought process.
  3. Persevere. Even though you might be ready for a vat of wine after your homework session or ready to pass your kid the ultimate list of cheats, persevere and let your child know that you two are a team! The family works together, but he is required to do his own share of hard labor. It’s team work!

There have been so many changes since I became a part of this family team. But with perseverance and patience, we generally get through the homework assignment tear-free!

What tips have you tried to survive nights of endless nights of homework sessions?

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