The Best Basic Slime Recipe without Borax

If you are looking for the best basic Slime recipe without Borax, this is it!

Slime has become quite the popular craft on Pinterest. There are so many different kinds of creations out there, like Unicorn Slime, Fluffy Slime, Ocean Slime. The sky’s the limit! It’s an excellent craft that will stretch the imagination and keep them occupied for a while.

This basic Slime recipe was adapted from The Best Ideas for Kids. Change up this basic slime recipe by using different colors, glitter, sparkles, small toys… whatever you would like to use!

The great thing about this recipe: it’s Borax free! Instead of Borax, this slime recipe uses contact solution. Most contact solutions contain Boric Acid, needed for transforming your glue into slime and much safer to use than Borax. If you choose to make slime with Borax, read my safety tips and how to protect yourself when using Borax in my Halloween Slime recipe.

Basic Slime Recipe Project Stepmom

Make Basic Slime Recipe with Contact Solution

This recipe is super easy and only uses a few ingredients! Stick to the list of ingredients below. If you substitute any ingredients your slime may not work.

Ingredients Needed for Neon Rainbow Slime:

This recipe makes four colors of basic slime. For more or less colors, add or subtract the ingredients accordingly.

  1. 4 Bottles of White Elmer’s Glue (6 oz)
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Contact Lens Solution
  4. Your choice of food coloring – For this batch, we used red, orange, green and yellow.

Optional – glitter, sparkles, confetti shapes, etc.


How To Make Neon Rainbow Slime without Borax:

  1. Pour the entire 6 ounces of Elmer’s Glue into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Add food coloring to bowl of glue and mix until it reaches the desired color.
  3. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and mix in thoroughly. For stretchier slime, add 2 tablespoons or more of water (up to 1/4 cup).
  4. Slowly add in your contact lens solution (reminder: your contact lens solution should contain boric acid or your slime will not form). Add a few teaspoons at a time, while mixing.
  5. Continue mixing until your slime forms and begins to harden.
  6. Remove slime from the bowl and knead on a clean, flat surface. Continue kneading until it reaches the desirable consistency. If you find it to still be too sticky, add a little bit of lotion or baby oil to your hands.
  7. For each of the remaining colors, repeat steps above.
  8. Once all four colors are created, lay all colors side by side and swirl to make your neon rainbow slime swirl. If you knead too much, the colors will eventually mix and become one color.


Basic Slime Recipe Project StepmomThis is a great recipe to allow your kids to get really creative with their crafts! Add in sparkles, different glitter and even small toys!

Let us know what you added in the comments…

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