About Project Stepmom

learn more about me project stepmomProject Stepmom exists to empower Stepmoms to bring their families to the table through well-seasoned recipes and nurturing, positive advice.

The role of Stepmom is not for the faint of heart. As one joins the Stepmom Tribe, they face many challenges in co-parenting schedules and house rules, but feeding your family and the know-how to navigate your new role shouldn’t be such a hurdle.

In our society, there is an abundance of adversity between households, but you will seldom find advice on creating an environment where your stepchild can flourish and meals to bring your blended family together. I hope this platform leaves you with sound advice, delicious recipes and the knowledge that you are not alone on this journey.

Step-parenting is a wonderful, albeit trying journey of teamwork and perseverance. Check out our posts on food, life as a stepmom and other lifestyle topics. We hope you enjoy your time here! If you have any questions or topic suggestions, send me an email.

About Anna Kate

Wife to a wonderful, supportive husband and Stepmother to one of the smartest kids I know. Our story is not the traditional one, but is filled with good, old-fashioned love, parenting, great food… and many challenges!

I offer a different perspective on the Stepmom role as I have been on both sides of the proverbial divorce fence. I am a child of divorced parents, a daughter, a stepdaughter and a stepsister. The challenges of being the child in the middle is very familiar to me.

I began Project Stepmom because my picky-eater liked pizza, pizza rolls and chicken noodle soup. Starting with a few basic ingredients, I finally won him over! Now, I hope to help those who are in a similar situation.

In our free time, we enjoy hanging out and exploring new places. We are pizza aficionados and love creating kid-friendly recipes.

Follow along with us as we enjoy Life Well Blended.