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Homemade Pizza with Leonardo’s Pizza Sauce

I was provided this product for the purpose of a review but as always my opinions are my own.

Nikolai loves a good pizza. And since he is on the less-adventurous side of trying new things, we really enjoy homemade pizzas. This way, he feels he has a part in what goes on the pizza and I don’t mind that we can choose fresh ingredients!

Recently, we were introduced to Leonardo’s Pizza Sauce. Let me tell you, it’s on our favorites list! Nikolai was so pumped about the sauces arriving at our door, he was ready to use it right away! Leonardo’s Pizza Sauce currently comes in four flavors: Original, Garlic, Asiago and Chipotle.

For our first creation, we started with classic pizza recipe (with our own little twist) and Leonardo’s Original Sauce. It was a major hit at our table! We are already planning and plotting what to do with the other flavors.

This was such a fun activity to do with Nikolai. It really lets his creative light shine, gets him away from the electronics, and gets the conversation flowing! I always grew up in the kitchen with my parents and grandparents, so I am thrilled I get to carry on the tradition. 

ProTip: Let the kids mold the dough and give them some control in the kitchen. We aren’t striving for the perfect pizza, but we are making sure to incorporate fun and learning during the cooking process. 🙂

Check out the pictures of our creation below and the recipe at the bottom. Got any recipes we should try? Leave them in the comments!

Original Pizza with Leonardo’s Pizza Sauce

First, unroll your refrigerated pizza dough. If you’ve got a great homemade version, fantastic – but the pre-made version is great for a 30 minute meal. Make sure the dough is flattened out and even on the corners of your Pizzacraft Pizza Stone. Now, get saucy and spread it around!

Leonardo's Pizza Sauce Project Stepmom

Then, cheese it up with some Mozzarella. Sprinkle it all around, about an inch from the edges.

Leonardo's Pizza Sauce Project Stepmom


Top with your favorite meats and veggies. For our recipe, we went classic pepperoni and cheese, because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

Follow the directions for baking on the pizza dough can. We baked ours until it’s gold and bubbly on top. Now, slice the pie and serve it up with Pizzacraft’s serving utensils. We found these for my husbands birthday, and they are great tools in the kitchen!

Lastly, enjoy the saucy goodness!

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